SOCCOM Data Management Meeting 22 – 23 September and 29 September

SOCCOM will hold virtual data management team sessions as follows: Sept. 22 9 – 2 PDT (12 – 5 EDT):  Float data management, Day 1 Sept. 23 9-12:30 PDT (12-3:30 EDT):   Float data management, Day 2 Sept. 29 9-12 PDT (12-3 EDT):  Calibration and shipboard data management The meeting is open to all.  Please see the final agenda for … Read More

Argo data paper covering the first twenty years of Argo out now

This paper, led by Annie Wong, describes the Argo data stream and its quality control procedures from 1999 – 2019.  The changing vertical resolution and spatial coverage is documented along with accuracies of float data as compared to high quality shipboard measurements.  The paper carefully documents the main problems with the pressure and salinity sensors and includes information on pred-deployment … Read More

Deep SOLO covers the latest GRL edition

N. Zilberman, D. Roemmich and J. Gilson’s recent article on deep ocean circulation in the Southwest Pacific using Deep Argo data is in the latest Geophysical Research Letters and the front cover is a photo of a Deep SOLO. Zilberman, N. V., Roemmich, D. H., & Gilson, J. (2020). Deep-ocean circulation in the Southwest Pacific Ocean interior: Estimates of the … Read More

Argo float deployments from the RV Kaharoa

The Kaharoa finishes its seventh cruise to deploy Argo floats   The US and New Zealand Argo teams have taken a novel approach to Argo float deployment by using a 28-m research vessel, R/V Kaharoa, with 5 crew members to launch floats around the globe. The ship, belonging to New Zealand’s National Institute of Water and Atmospheric research (NIWA), loads floats on board, … Read More