Register now for the ADMT-21 meeting

The ADMT-21 meeting will be a virtual meeting and will take place 29 Nov – 4 Dec, 2020. Click here to visit the website and to register for the meeting.

NSF funds GO-BGC grant to deploy 500 BGC floats worldwide

NSF awarded a $53 million grant to five US institutions to produce 500 BGC Argo floats to be deployed world wide over the next five years.  Congratulations to MBARI, UW, WHOI, Scripps and Princeton on this major award.  To learn more, read the article at Science or the UC San Diego press release.

New version of OWC available on GitHub

Version 3.0.0 is available here: Notes about what is new in release 3.0.0 from Annie Wong and Cecile Cabanes: To resolve some legacy issues with the old OW variables: “scale_age” is renamed “scale_age_small”; “scale_age_large” is set to NaN for the old OW mapped profiles. “build_ptmp_xyt_cov.m” is now used in “calculate_piecewisefit.m” to compute the number of degrees of freedom (NDF) … Read More

JCOMMOPS is now OceanOPS

JCOMMOPS has been re-branded to OceanOPS, complete with a new URL: Click here to see the press release. To learn more about OceanOPS, read their report card or study their five year strategy. Congratulations OceanOPS!  

AST-22 will be a virtual meeting

The AST executive committee has decided to hold the AST-22 meeting in the spring of 2021 as a virtual meeting due to ongoing travel concerns related to the global pandemic.

SOCCOM Data Management Meeting 22 – 23 September and 29 September

SOCCOM will hold virtual data management team sessions as follows: Sept. 22 9 – 2 PDT (12 – 5 EDT):  Float data management, Day 1 Sept. 23 9-12:30 PDT (12-3:30 EDT):   Float data management, Day 2 Sept. 29 9-12 PDT (12-3 EDT):  Calibration and shipboard data management The meeting is open to all.  Please see the final agenda for … Read More

Argo data paper covering the first twenty years of Argo out now

This paper, led by Annie Wong, describes the Argo data stream and its quality control procedures from 1999 – 2019.  The changing vertical resolution and spatial coverage is documented along with accuracies of float data as compared to high quality shipboard measurements.  The paper carefully documents the main problems with the pressure and salinity sensors and includes information on pred-deployment … Read More