Argo data are used in a variety of ways to do scientific research and to help improve ocean forecasting and reanalysis.  This science section of the website includes four different pages covering different aspects of Argo data in science and aimed at different scientific levels.  See the brief descriptions of each page below.

Webpage Description Target Audience Region
Argo and climate change Describes how Argo data contributes to knowledge of the warming ocean and changing salinity of the ocean. Public and educators global
Argo observing the global ocean Describes how Argo data help understand global ocean phenomenon including sea level rise, ocean heat content, fresh and salt water cycle and ocean circulation. Public, educators, scientific community global
Argo and the modeling community Learn about operational centers around the world assimilating Argo data into their models to provide ocean forecasts and reanalyses. Public, educators, Argo community and scientific community regional and global
Science highlights Learn about recent scientific papers that have been published using Argo data. Argo community and scientific community regional and global