Software tools have been developed for a variety of audiences from beginners to Argo data experts.  Some tools are designed to access data, manipulate it and visualize it while others help Argo experts perform quality control.

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Name Description Target user Language OS Website
argopy: Argo data python library Argo data fetching (online and offline), manipulation and visualization beginners, experts python windows, linux, macos
Argovis API calls
Access the Argovis database via API calls in Matlab and python to make plots of Argo float data, metadata and profiles in a spatial and temporal region of choice.
beginners, experts Matlab, python windows, linux, macos
argoFloats: Tools for analyzing the collections of oceanographic Argo floats in R
The ‘argoFloats’ package provides support for downloading and analyzing Argo float datasets
beginners, experts R windows, linux, macos
BGC Argo tools BGC Argo webpage with a collection of tools and resources for BGC Argo files experts Matlab, Python, R, Java windows, linux, macos
BGC Float toolboxes GO-BGC toolboxes to access and visualize BGC Argo data beginners, experts Matlab, Python, R windows, linux, macos
Deep CTD selection Can be used in the Matlab OWC toolbox to select reference data deeper than a desired pressure level experts Matlab windows, linux, macos
DM_Cpcor Algorithm that gives a refined estimate of CPcor_new for a float by comparing a Deep-Argo profile to a reference profile experts Matlab windows, linux, macos
The Matlab OWC toolbox Run the OWC salinity calibration method for DMQC experts Matlab windows, linux, macos
MPV: Matlab Profiles Visualization GUI to reads the Argo NetCDF files, converts the files in MATLAB format, allows Argo profiles selection, produces graphs of temperature and salinity, performs a tailored comparison between the float and reference profiles and provides the main information of float profiles. experts Matlab windows, linux, macos
PMEL_GUI GUI that QC’s OWC output experts Matlab windows, linux, macos
RBRargo_DMQC This repository includes resources necessary to improve data quality for the RBRargo3 in Delayed-Mode Quality Control (DMQC). experts Matlab windows, linux, macos
SOCCOM/BGC-Argo processing GUI to do QC on BGC-Argo data in Matlab. Specifcally oxygen, pH and NO3- Argo NetCDF files can be read in and compared to reference datasets experts Matlab windows, linux, macos
SCOOP-Argo Scoop-Argo visual quality control vizualises a series of Argo floats NetCDF cycle files. The data are displayed in interactive graphics, with bathymetry, climatology and geographic maps environmental information. Quality Control flags are graphically changed by the User. When changes are recorded, the history section is updated with the list of performed changes. experts Java windows, linux, macos