Argo float deployments along the Equatorial Pacific from the S/V Investigator

The S/V Investigator (Pacific Expeditions Ltd) has completed the deployment of 41 Argo floats along the Equator from 100W to 160E in the Pacific Ocean. See the map below for deployment locations shown as red dots. The blue dots are other Argo floats in the region. The purpose of this equatorial deployment is to improve the Tropical Pacific Observing System, particularly for better observation and prediction of El Nino/ La Nina.

The following link shows the number of profiles available from TAO/TRITON, Argo and XBT in each 1-degree square in the tropical Pacific Ocean for the most recent month:

The new Argo floats have greatly increased coverage along the equator, and more generally, the tropical Pacific profile data is dominated by Argo floats.