Argo and Deep Argo floats from UC San Diego are tracking climate change’s impact

NBC San Diego visited the Instrument Develop Group Lab at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego to learn about the Argo floats produced there and what they measure.  Dr. Sarah Purkey is interviewed and the impact of Argo’s impact on our understanding of the ocean and climate change.  To view the story, click here.    

Argo robots are free roaming ocean adventurers

Frontiers for Young Minds just published a fun article explaining Argo to the kid in all of us.  Thanks to Blair Greenan, Annie Wong, Tammy Morris, Emily Smith and Marine Bollard for helping people of all ages understand how Argo floats work, what they can tell us and why that matters.  Click here to read the article.

OneArgo session at COP27

Thanks to Shawnee Tralyer and Cora Hersh who delivered a presentation on OneArgo at the Oceans Pavilion at CPO27 on November 14th. This was followed by a panel with Dr. Rick Spinrad, Dr. Margaret Leinen and Dr. Carol Anne Clayson in person and Dr. Susan Wijffels virtually.

Earth Reporters: Sea Change

Susan Wijffels talks about understanding the climate In a radio segment on Earth Reporters, Dr. Susan Wijffels discusses Argo data and how it helps us understand the climate.

Argo in NY Times 2020

Argo records warming ocean temperatures A January 2020 NY Times article covers the release of a report on ocean warming which uses Argo data to show that the last five years have been the warmest oceans on record.