Deep Argo pilot data enters the Argo data stream

As part of pilot deployments, Argo profiles reaching below 2000dbar will start appearing in the Argo data system. The accuracy of the data below 2000dbar is not yet well understood and so Argo is currently labelling these data with lower quality flags (2 and 3) in real time. We warn users to treat these data with care and recognize that we … Read More

Advice on pressure biases in the Argo data set

A part of the global Argo data are subject to biases in reported pressures. These biases are usually less than 5db, but occasionally can be larger (> 20db). These bias errors are being steadily removed by the reprocessing of historical Argo data. We expect that by the end of 2010 these errors will be removed from the global Argo data … Read More