Important notice to Argo users (pressure drift in APEX floats)

Users are cautioned that (i) Most Argo Data Assembly Centers (DACs) have not yet corrected APEX profile data for the drift of pressure sensors in real-time (RT) and delayed-mode (DM) files. Steps are being taken by the DACs to apply drift corrections in both RT and DM files. It is estimated the correction will change affected APEX float pressures by … Read More

2nd Important notice to Argo users pressure offset errors

This is to provide an update to the earlier notice (see previous notice), with regard to progress in correcting pressure offset errors. Pressure offset errors in WHOI/FSI Argo float profiles include a subset (a) that can be corrected exactly using automated procedures and a subset (b) that requires expert examination to produce an approximate correction. Profiles in subset (a) have now … Read More

Important notice to Argo users about pressure offset errors

It has just been learned that Argo profiles from SOLO floats with FSI CTD (Argo Program WHOI) may have incorrect pressure values. Profile data may be offset upward by one or more pressure levels, resulting in a significant cold bias for these instruments. Problematic floats are mostly in the Atlantic Ocean (198 out of the 211 presently active FSI SOLO instruments). The … Read More