Deep Argo pilot data enters the Argo data stream

As part of pilot deployments, Argo profiles reaching below 2000dbar will start appearing in the Argo data system.

The accuracy of the data below 2000dbar is not yet well understood and so Argo is currently labelling these data with lower quality flags (2 and 3) in real time.

We warn users to treat these data with care and recognize that we cannot guarantee they have the same accuracy as Argo data collected above 2000dbar. As more is learned about sensor performance below 2000dbar, the flags and an accuracy assessment will be updated.

Such floats can be easily identified from metadata files, using PLATFORM_FAMILY=’FLOAT_DEEP’ and PLATFORM_TYPE ( Please note that this reference table is frequently updated to include new sensor and float models. You can find the latest version at: ). This is also explained in the latest version of the User’s Manual found in the Documents section of the ADMT website.

Alternatly, WMO IDs of deep Argo prototypes can be found in this status file maintained at the AIC containing information on all Argo floats. In the column labelled “MODEL”, deep Argo floats are described with “float_D”.

For example, one can find deep Argo floats called “SOLO_D” or “ARVOR_D”.