Fast Salty Drifters documented by DMQC operators

The DMQC operators have filled in this Google spreadsheet with information on which floats have exhibited signs of Fast Salty Drift.  It has been set up to perform calculations and create plots automatically, so please follow the instructions.  There are several sheets to look at including some that pertain to just European floats and others that are international.

An abstract is a text showing the teacher that the student understands any theoretical issue in his subject. As a rule, the teacher himself suggests a list of topics. If you have to choose on your own, take a topic that is more interesting and understandable for you. There are a few more tips that will help you decide as soon as possible: do not delay with the choice, it is better to do it one of the first, until all the good options have been sorted out; study the quantity and quality of materials on the topic in advance; Before choosing a topic, try to build a rough work plan in your head; the problem considered in the abstract can be further developed in your term paper and thesis.