GO-BGC Float Data Workshop at UMass Boston on August 21 – 23, 2023

The format of the workshop will be a hands-on exercise with open practices, inclusive participation, and thoughtful problem exploration. Attendees will generate research ideas utilizing Biogeochemical Argo float data and start working on projects as teams.  This will be an active experience designed to familiarize participants with float data analysis techniques, illustrate scientific applications of float data, facilitate collaboration among diverse participants, and develop new tools for data analysis.

Workshop participants will be staying in the student dorms at UMass Boston. Rooms will be single occupancy with private bathrooms. Your room, breakfast and lunch for the workshop will be covered as part of the GO-BGC NSF Grant. Some travel awards are available for domestic travel to and from the workshop with a focus on early career participants.

The workshop is designed for in-person participation due to the collaborative nature of the projects. Some content will be recorded.

GO-BGC organizers:  David Nicholson (WHOI), Yui Takeshita (MBARI), Alison Gray (UW)

Sign up at the link below to be notified when registration opens.  More information is coming.