Measuring the Ocean – Ocean observations and our life

On Saturday March 26th, 2016 a workshop was held by at Tohoku University, Sendai. The workshop had the title “Measuring the Ocean – Ocean observations and our life” and was sponsored by the Graduate School of Science and the International Research Institute for Disaster Science, both at Tohoku University. The event took place on one day only in the Aoba Science Hall at Tohoku University.

Presentations included four talks:

  • 1) Robots measuring the world ocean – Howard Freeland, Argo Director
  • 2) Ocean and climate/weather – ocean and our life – Tatsuo Nakamura, JMA
  • 3) Gifts from the Ocean – Ocean ecosystems – Takeshi Okunishi – Tohoku Natl. Fisheries Res. Inst.
  • 4) Demonstration of Argo Web Sites – Shigeki Hosoda, JAMSTEC.

The audience was about 50 people. The event had been advertised through the local school boards, local newspapers and distributed posters. The audience was what one could call “eclectic”, with an age range of roughly 7 to 70. There were 10 teachers interested in using Argo for teaching purposes. There were students of elementary school age, secondary school age and university students. Further there were random people off the streets in Sendai who were just keen to pursue their interest in the ocean.

Read the full report by Toshio Suga and Howard Freeland in the newsletter article.