New version of OWC available on GitHub

Version 3.0.0 is available here:

Notes about what is new in release 3.0.0 from Annie Wong and Cecile Cabanes:

  1. To resolve some legacy issues with the old OW variables:
    “scale_age” is renamed “scale_age_small”;
    “scale_age_large” is set to NaN for the old OW mapped profiles.
  2. “build_ptmp_xyt_cov.m” is now used in “calculate_piecewisefit.m” to compute the number of degrees of freedom (NDF) and the error estimates.
  3. In “fit_cond.m”, the condition related to the low NDF values (lines 278-281, NDF<13) which forces the fit to be an offset is removed. Instead, a warning is displayed to indicate that the fit may not be the “best one” when the NDF value is low.
  4. In the configuration file, we suggest the default mapping length scales be set to 6/3, 3/1, based on Ninove et al (2016). There is also information on how to set the mapping scales for the subpolar North Atlantic. Lastly, we recommend the default “max_breaks” be set to = 3 as a first pass.
  5. An error that occurred when the number of prescribed breakpoints is equal to (max_breaks – 1) (e.g. 2 breakpoints are specified in set_calseries.m and max_break=3) was solved.
  6. An error that occurred when there was no valid value on any of the 10 theta levels for the first few cycles of a float and when the proposed adjustment was linear or contained one or more breakpoints was solved.