The twenty first Argo Steering Team meeting has been canceled due to travel concerns related to the coronavirus. The meeting was scheduled to take place at the National Oceanography Centre, in Southampton, UK, the week of 20 – 24 July 2020.

Instead, the AST executive committee is putting together a modified and condensed Agenda that will be broken into three 2-hour virtual sessions that will be scheduled, hopefully, in the week of April 13 – 17, 2020.

Tuesday April 14th
15 – 18 UTC
Argo’s status and future Open
Wednesday April 15th
22 – 01 UTC
Technical updates Closed
Thursday April 16th
15 – 18 UTC
Vendor session Open
Friday April 17th
15 – 18 UTC
Argo Data, Communications and upcoming meetings Open
France USA East USA West Japan Australia
15 – 18 UTC 17h00 – 20h00 11h00 – 14h00 8h00 – 11h00 0h00 – 03h00 02h00 – 05h00
22 – 01 UTC 00h00 – 03h00 18h00 – 21h00 15h00 – 18h00 7h00 – 10h00 09h00 – 12h00

Please keep checking the agenda page to download slide presentations and background information in preparation for the sessions.

The location and schedule for AST-22 in March 2021 are being considered, including an Argo – OceanPredict workshop, a BGC-AST and a vendor day. Thanks for your patience and when the schedule and dates are finalized, they will be posted.

There is no need to formally request a refund. All registrants should receive a refund by end of business 3, April 2020. Please contact Megan Scanderbeg if you haven’t received your refund.

The Argo Steering Team Meeting is a time for the national groups who contribute to international Argo to come together and discuss logistical and technical matters pertaining to the Argo array.

The week will begin with a BGC Argo session the first day with the AST executive meeting at night.

The second day will be a vendor session in the morning and the start of the AST meeting in the afternoon.

All Monday and Tuesday sessions, excluding the AST executive meeting, will be open.

The plenary AST meeting will be held the second two days and it will be closed.

Monday BGC Open
Monday evening AST Executive Closed
Tuesday AM Vendors Open
Tuesday PM AST plenary Open
Wednesday AST Plenary Closed
Thursday AST Plenary Closed

Please contact Megan Scanderbeg at if you need an official invitation letter to obtain a visa to the UK. Instructions on what to provide for the letter request are here.