Presentation slides

BGC speakers are asked to upload their presentations to the AST-23 Google Drive by 18 March 2022.  AST-23 plenary speakers are asked to upload their presentations to the AST-23 Google Drive by 22 March 2022.  There are folders for the BGC day, and the three plenary AST-23 days.

Speakers for the closed session (Thursday 24 March) do not need to upload their presentations if they do not want to.

This allows remote participants to view presentations offline and provides a record of the presentations for all to refer back to.

Presentation recordings

All speakers are welcome to record their presentations prior to the meeting and make them available to  The videos will be uploaded onto the Argo YouTube Channel and will be played during the meeting.  This is NOT required, but may be helpful for virtual participants given their time slot or connection.

PowerPoint and Zoom

These are two methods of recording your presentation we recommend: PowerPoint or Zoom. Both Zoom and PowerPoint allow you to toggle your video on or off should you want to just overlay audio to your presentation without video. Instruction on both can be found in this recording guide (slides 5-10).

For more information on PowerPoint, view how to record in PowerPoint, please view this official Microsoft video tutorial.

Ready, Set, Record

When recording, be sure to remember:

  • Speak clearly and keep water nearby. It is likely you will do multiple takes and pause, so be sure to enunciate and stay hydrated to keep your voice strong.
  • If you are sharing space, be sure to let people know you will be recording. If helpful, invite them to be your audience!
  • Record your presentation multiple times. This will give you options to pick your final version or even edit multiple versions together. It is important to take breaks throughout to not get too tired.
  • Be yourself! This is your presentation. Let your passion for the research shine and it will also help ease any nerves.

Save your video presentation in the MP4 format.