Are you an educator interested in getting your students involved with Argo floats?  If the answer is yes, please explore the ‘Adopt a Float’ programs that have been developed by different groups within the Argo community.  There is no cost to participate in these programs.

Adopt-a-float Canada

This cost-free, grade school program allows classes to explore the ocean by tracking the progress of their own robotic float.  Educational materials at the middle school and high school level are also available to all.

Mon Ocean et Moi, France

This educational project, based in France, has an ‘Adopt a Float’ program, that works with students of all levels from all over the world.  They also partner with the global BioGeoChemical Argo (BGC Argo) program ( to get students involved with biogeochemical floats.


GO-BGC is part of the US contribution to the global BioGeoChemical Argo (BGC Argo) program. Their ‘Adopt a float’ program focuses on biogeochemical floats around the world and build’s on the work of the SOCCOM Project’s ‘Adopt a float’ program.


SOCCOM stands for the Southern Ocean Carbon and Climate Observations and Modeling project. Their ‘Adopt a float’ program is now the same as the GO-BGC program listed above.