Register now for the ‘Meeting AMOC Observation Needs in a Changing Climate’

This hybrid meeting will take place 18 – 20 July 2023 at Hamburg University, Germany.

The primary goal of the workshop is to inform the design of a future-focused AMOC observing system that can provide continuous measurements of key variables while also remaining sustainable over multiple decades. We hope to bring the community together to discuss the value of different existing AMOC observing methods/networks, define a collective set of observational priorities, and outline a roadmap for future AMOC observing. The latter includes identifying potentially beneficial observing system assessment and design experiments. Also relevant to our project: we want to ensure the traditional set of AMOC-related observational priorities (volume, heat and freshwater transports) is expanded to consider BGC variables required for understanding the role of the AMOC in oxygen, carbon and nutrient cycling.

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