See construction of the Kaharoa II

NIWA are part way through construction of a 36m research vessel to replace Kaharoa (28m). Astilleros ARMON in Vigo, Spain, were awarded the contract in March 2022 with construction commencing October 2022.

Kaharoa II will have greatly enhanced capability compared with the 42-year-old Kaharoa, as you would expect.  The ship is equipped with Dynamic Positioning and a suite of scientific acoustics and is DNV Silent class (A and F for underwater radiated noise). Modern fuel efficient engines with exhaust after-treatment were specified to minimise emissions.

Delivery is expected at the end 2023 or early 2024. Argo deployments are scheduled to be carried out on the delivery voyage with deployments across the Atlantic from Spain to Panama, a stop in San Diego will allow us to refuel and provision, and load more floats for the Pacific Leg to Wellington.

We look forward to having Kaharoa II in our fleet to serve the science community for many years to come.

Credit – Greg Foothead, Ship Technical Manager, NIWA Vessels (based in Vigo for the duration of the build)