The first submission is a piece of artwork Howard Freeland received from a student in June 2011 after he had the opportunity to talk to a group of “home-school” children in Canada during an event called Tech Week organized by a home-school parent. Howard has worked with these children before, many live in remote areas without access to schools. Eliana … Read More

Teaching French using Argo floats

Dr. Nathalie Zilberman visited a French high school class in Grossmont, CA during September 2015 where she used her native French to talk about Argo floats.  She brought a demo SOLO-II Argo float to help explain how floats work. Here is where Grossmont is located:

Argo in New Zealand Classrooms

Carol Brieseman regularly discusses Argo floats in her classroom and wrote an article in New Zealand Science Teacher about how to incorporate science related to Argo in the classroom. Here is a picture of a student making a cartesian diver to explore buoyancy of floats. There is also a diagram of an Argo float with ice-detection software. Here is an exerpt from … Read More