30 years of the Global Ocean Observing System

To celebrate Earth Day, NOAA Research has released a video on the Evolution of the Global Ocean Observing System.  Learn about how the system started and how people are helping it continue.

See construction of the Kaharoa II

NIWA are part way through construction of a 36m research vessel to replace Kaharoa (28m). Astilleros ARMON in Vigo, Spain, were awarded the contract in March 2022 with construction commencing October 2022. Kaharoa II will have greatly enhanced capability compared with the 42-year-old Kaharoa, as you would expect.  The ship is equipped with Dynamic Positioning and a suite of scientific … Read More

Thank you Dr. Suga for your service as AST co-chair

At the AST-24 meeting, Dr. Toshio Suga announced he was stepping down as AST co-chair, but will remain involved in Argo as the AST representative for North and East Asia.  The AST thanked him for his work over the past five years including overseeing the adoption of the new OneArgo design. Dr. Brian King was nominated as his replacement and … Read More

OneArgo COP27 video available

Watch Cora Hersh and Shawnee Traylor deliver a OneArgo presentation at COP27 followed by a discussion panel with Dr. Rick Spinrad and Dr. Margaret Leinen.

OneArgo session at COP27

Thanks to Shawnee Tralyer and Cora Hersh who delivered a presentation on OneArgo at the Oceans Pavilion at CPO27 on November 14th. This was followed by a panel with Dr. Rick Spinrad, Dr. Margaret Leinen and Dr. Carol Anne Clayson in person and Dr. Susan Wijffels virtually.

Susan Wijffels receives the 2023 Henry Stommel Research Medal

Congratulations Dr. Susan Wijffels for receiving the 2023 Henry Stommel Research Medal! She is being recognized “For exceptional contributions to understanding oceanic and freshwater storage and transport of heat and monitoring changes in the global hydrological cycle“. She will be presented with her award at the 103rd Annual AMS meeting in January 2023.

Russ Davis: 1941 – 2022

Scripps Institution of Oceanography and UC San Diego remember Russ Davis and his scientific and engineering accomplishments. There will be a memorial service at Scripps in 2023. Members of the research community are invited to add tributes to Russ Davis. Please submit them to scrippsnews@ucsd.edu.

Argo thesis list updated

Students continue using Argo data in their dissertations.  There are now 435 thesis citations!

Argo wins IEEE Corporate Innovation Award

Argo was awarded the IEEE Corporate Innovation Award in the spring of 2022.  The award was “For innovation in large-scale autonomous observations in oceanography with global impacts in marine and climate science and technology.”  The Argo Program would like to thank both IEEE for this award and all the many, many people who have contributed to Argo over the years … Read More