Argo in Seattle Times

Paul G. Allen Philanthropies to help fund Deep Argo array A Seattle Times article from September 2017 highlights the agreement between NOAA and the Paul G. Allen Philanthropies to help fund the Deep Argo array.  The $4 million grant will fund a Deep Argo pilot array in the Brazil basin.

Argo in NY Times

NY Times calls Argo, “one of the scientific triumphs of our times” The April 2014 NY Times article covers prototype deployments of Deep Argo SOLO-II floats on a R/V Tangaroa cruise off the coast of New Zealand and how measurements from Argo floats can help to better understand and predict climate change.

BGC-Argo synthetic profiles are now being produced

Argo is now creating synthetic BGC Argo profiles (named *  These will replace the M-prof files and will be compressed into NetCDF4. The documentation describing these new files can be found here.