Halifax Stanfield Airport


For those traveling from Europe, there is a direct flight each day from London-LHR to Halifax.  For those traveling from the USA and other international destinations, there are flights to Halifax from Newark, Boston, and all of the large Canadian airports (e.g., Toronto, Montreal).

The airport is approximately 30 minutes from downtown Halifax. There are taxi, rideshare and transit options to get to downtown Halifax. The transit bus is the least expensive option ($4.25) and only has two stops between the airport and downtown, but the frequency is every 30-60 minutes so sometimes it may not be worth the wait. Taxi fares will likely be about $70.

Visa information

Here are webpages with information on visa requirements, entry requirements by country, and visa processing times.


The meeting location is approximately 2 km from the downtown core of Halifax with many hotel options in that area. The two closest hotels are about 1 km (15 min walk) from the Dalhousie Student Union building:

If you choose to stay at a hotel closer to downtown, there are numerous bus routes that have stops within a few blocks of the DSU building.  Information on bus routes and schedules are available at: https://www.halifax.ca/transportation/halifax-transit

Lunch Options

There are a range of lunch options close to the meeting venue:

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