AST-24 travel and logistics

Halifax Stanfield Airport For those traveling from Europe, there is a direct flight each day from London-LHR to Halifax.  For those traveling from the USA and other international destinations, there are flights to Halifax from Newark, Boston, and all of the large Canadian airports (e.g., Toronto, Montreal). The airport is approximately 30 minutes from downtown Halifax. There are taxi, … Read More

AST-24 Agenda and related documents

Agendas Link to the Google Sheets version of the draft Agenda Link to XLS version of the draft Agenda (19 March 2023) Related Documents AST-24 Google Drive folder AST-24 meeting document for speakers to put their summaries National Reports Australian National Report Bulgarian National Report Canadian National Report Chinese National Report Danish National Report Dutch National Report EuroArgo Report Finnish … Read More

24th Argo Steering Team Meeting (AST-24)

The twenty fourth Argo Steering Team meeting is a hybrid meeting which will take place in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada during the week of 20 – 24 March 2022. The Argo Steering Team Meeting is a time for the national groups who contribute to international Argo to come together and discuss logistical and technical matters pertaining to the Argo array. … Read More