The twenty second Argo Data Management Team meeting will be hosted by AOML in Miami, Fl, USA on a virtual meeting during the week of 6 – 10 December 2021.

The Argo Data Management Team Meeting is a time for the data managers who contribute to international Argo to come together and discuss technical matters pertaining to the Argo data stream.

The meeting sessions will run daily from 13 – 17 UTC.  An Agenda will be posted shortly.

Register here.

Please update the status of ADMT-21 Action Items.

Working groups prior to ADMT-22 virtual plenary sessions

In order to make progress this year, we are soliciting ideas for working groups that will meet prior to ADMT-22 and then report back on their progress or with recommendations at the ADMT-22 plenary meeting.  We are suggesting this because there will not be time for long discussions at the virtual plenary meeting. Therefore, they should occur prior so that summaries and recommendations can be presented at the ADMT-22 virtual sessions which can then be endorsed appropriately.  This also allows for several possible speakers on each topic and hopefully one of them will be presenting in a good time zone during the virtual session.

To facilitate this, I have set up a Google Doc in the ADMT-22 folder.

  • If you have a topic you would like discussed prior to the meeting, please add it on the google doc or send it to us and we will add it.
  • If you see a topic where you would like to participate in the discussion, please add your name or let us know and we will add it.

At an ADMT exec meeting in October, working groups will be endorsed and asked to decide among themselves when best to meet prior to the ADMT-22 plenary session.  We ask for a summary of the discussions and any recommendations to be presented at the virtual ADMT-22 meeting.