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Argo Data Management Team Meetings
 23 – 27 Oct 2023 Twenty-fourth Argo Data Management Team Meeting
Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
Hybrid Meeting
5 – 9 Dec 2022 Twenty-third Argo Data Management Team Meeting
Miami, FL
Hybrid Meeting
Report for ADMT-23
(.pdf 10 Mb, 166 pages)
Action Items
xls version
Dec 2021 Twenty-second Argo Data Management Team Meeting
Virtual Meeting
Report for ADMT-22
(.pdf 7Mb, 156 pages)
Action Items
Nov/Dec 2020 Twenty-first Argo Data Management Team Meeting
Virtual Meeting
Report for ADMT-21
(.pdf 14Mb, 141 pages)
Action Items
Oct 2019 Twentieth Argo Data Management Team Meeting
Villefranche-sur-mer, France
Report for ADMT-20
(.pdf 12Mb, 148 pages)
Action Items
Dec 2018 Nineteenth Argo Data Management Team Meeting
La Jolla, CA, USA
Report for ADMT-19
(.pdf 12Mb, 179 pages)
Action Items
Dec 2017 Eighteenth Argo Data Management Team Meeting
Hamburg, Germany
Report for ADMT-18
(.pdf 12Mb, 143 pages)
Action Items
Sept 2016 Seventeenth Argo Data Management Team Meeting
Tianjin, China
Report for ADMT-17
(.pdf 16Mb, 197 pages)
Action Items
Nov 2015 Report for ADMT-16
Bermuda (.pdf 14Mb, 214 pages)
Action Items
Nov 2014 Report for ADMT-15
Ottawa, Canada (.pdf 12.7Mb, 169 pages)
Action Items
Oct 2013 Report for ADMT-14
Liverpool, UK (.pdf 8Mb, 121 pages)
Action Items
Nov 2012 Report for ADMT-13
Hyderabad, India
Action Items
Nov 2011 Report for ADMT-12
Seoul, South Korea (.pdf 5.3Mb, 134 pages)
Action Items
Oct 2010 Report for ADMT-11
Hamburg, Germany (.pdf 16.4Mb, 124 pages)
Action Items
Sept 2009 Report for ADMT-10
Toulouse, France (.pdf 10.7Mb, 102 pages)
Action Items
Nov 2008 Report for ADMT-9
Honolulu, Hawaii (.pdf 3.4Mb, 93 pages)
Action Items
Nov 2007 Report for ADMT-8
Hobart, Tasmania (.pdf 4.8Mb, 119 pages)
Action Items
Nov 2006 Report for ADMT-7
Tianjin, China (.pdf 3.6Mb, 123 pages)
Action Items
Nov 2005 Report for ADMT-6
Tokyo, Japan (.pdf 5Mb, 103 pages)
Oct 2004 Report for ADMT-5
Southampton, United Kingdom (.pdf 2.7Mb, 88 pages)
Nov 2003 Report for ADMT-4
Monterey, California, USA(.pdf 2.2Mb, 60 pages)
Sep 2002 Report for ADMT-3
Ottawa Canada (.pdf 300k, 15 pages)
Nov 2001 Report for ADMT-2
Brest, France (.pdf 400k, 14 pages)
Oct 2000 Report for ADMT-1
Brest, France (.pdf 800k, 57 pages)