Watch animations to learn about how Argo floats work, why we need Argo, and what Argo measurements can help us understand.

Choose from several short programs that dive deeper into Argo and why we need it,  investigate Deep Argo and its floats or take a virtual tour of an Argo float lab.

Watch these animations showing the growth of Argo profile locations around the world or see Argo float trajectories over time in different ocean basins. 

Watch different models and prototypes of Argo floats deployed mostly from research vessels, but also from a sailboat.  Some floats are deployed in boxes while others are easy to spot. 

How easy is it to recover a small float in a vast ocean?  Watch these movies to find out how it is done.

Explore the inside of a float, find out the shape of core, BGC and Deep floats and study an Argo float's 10-day cycle.

See what it is like to be on a research vessel deploying Argo floats and doing other scientific research to support the Argo Program. 

Picture galleries

View different picture galleries showing float deployments, float testing and preparation for deployment, and float recovery, float education and more.

Read about news stories featuring Argo, its data and the scientists using the data to better understand the oceans and the climate.