Argo float deployments from the RV Kaharoa

The Kaharoa finishes its seventh cruise to deploy Argo floats   The US and New Zealand Argo teams have taken a novel approach to Argo float deployment by using a 28-m research vessel, R/V Kaharoa, with 5 crew members to launch floats around the globe. The ship, belonging to New Zealand’s National Institute of Water and Atmospheric research (NIWA), loads floats on board, … Read More

Argo floats deployed from I8S and I9N cruises near Antarctica

I8S and I9N cruise overview The 2007 “I8S” and “I9N” cruises on R/V Roger Revelle were part of a systematic and global re-occupation of select WOCE/JGOFS hydrographic sections to quantify changes in storage and transport of heat, fresh water, carbon dioxide (CO2), and related parameters. Scientific objectives for the cruises included providing data for model calibration and validation, carbon system … Read More

Float deployments from the RV L’Atalante

From laboratory to ocean – sending Argo floats to sea September 14, 2004 Loading the floats On one of the many sunny days in Southern California, 24 Solo floats were carefully packed into a shipping container ready for deployment in the South Pacific. Their destination was Papeete in French Polynesia where they were loaded onto the French Research Vessel L’Atalante … Read More

Celebrating Dr. Steve Piotrowicz and Argo

Dr. Stephen (Steve) Piotrowicz had a tremendous impact on the Argo Program as the NOAA fund manager for the US Argo Program from 2001 until April 2018. He was deputy Director of the National Office for Integrated and Sustained Ocean Observations and helped Argo grow to a global array of almost 4000 floats. Argo data are used worldwide by researches … Read More

Argo float deployments along the Equatorial Pacific from the S/V Investigator

The S/V Investigator (Pacific Expeditions Ltd) has completed the deployment of 41 Argo floats along the Equator from 100W to 160E in the Pacific Ocean. See the map below for deployment locations shown as red dots. The blue dots are other Argo floats in the region. The purpose of this equatorial deployment is to improve the Tropical Pacific Observing System, … Read More

The Lady Amber completes its first long cruise to deploy floats

The Lady Amber’s first real cruise, chartered for Australian Argo via JCOMMOPS, was originally planned to deploy about 20 floats from Cape Town to Mauritius, then from Mauritius to Seychelles, then back to South of Mauritius to transect to Perth around 35°S. The transect to Seychelles was restricted for security reasons; the high risk piracy area starts at 10°N. Several float positions … Read More