The following animations, clips and movies all pertain to Argo and many of them are available on the Argo YouTube Channel (argoproject).
When available, direct links to high resolution video and more information about the video are provided.
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SOCCOM video demonstarting how BGC Argo floats help scientists understand the oxygen seasonal cycle and the ocean’s ability to soak up excess carbon dioxide.

Ocean’s breath: Autonomous robotic floats measure seasonal cycles in the ocean

CBS Sunday Morning program features Argo floats when exploring the role of the ocean in absorbing heat from greenhouse gases.

Title: Oceans Give, Oceans Take: their role in climate change

Presentation by Sarah Purkey as part of the US CLIVAR POS Panel

Title:  Deep Argo: Expanding Argo to the Full Ocean Depth

Sarah Purkey explaining how an Argo float works in the Scripps Institution of Oceanography’s Instrument Development Group Lab

Download the video

Deep Argo by Ocean Today

Download the video (100 MB)

Regular and Deep Argo Floats from LEARNZ on Vimeo.

Link to high resolution video (500 MB)

Building a deep argo float – an example of technological practice from LEARNZ on Vimeo.

Link to high resolution video

Taking the Ocean’s Temperature by Ocean Today

Download the video (112 MB)

Also available in Spanish

Earth Reporter Dr. Susan Wijffels, discuss the Argo Program
Synopsis and direct access to 30 minute episode
Scripps Institution of Oceanography video on the Argo array and why it is important

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