Countries involved in Argo

Countries Involved in Argo   Argentina Australia Brazil Bulgaria Canada Chile China Costa Rica Denmark Ecuador European Union Finland France Gabon Germany Greece India Gabon Ireland Italy Japan Kenya Korea Lebanon Mauritius Mexico Netherlands New Zealand Norway Poland South Africa Spain Turkey UK USA   Several other countries including Cook Islands, Fiji, Iceland, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Mozambique, New Caledonia, … Read More

Argo Regional Centres

  Argo supports five Argo Regional Centers (ARCs) that are divided mostly by ocean basin. These regional centers are an important part of the Argo program since they help to ensure the quality of Argo data in a more focused manner than the DACs or GDACs, but in a broader sense than the individual scientists. They can also encourage participation and … Read More


Multi-National Argo The array is made up of 30 different countries’ contributions that range from a single float, to the U.S. contribution, which is roughly 50% of the global array. To see how many floats are deployed by each country, look at the Commitments Table.  To learn more about the countries involved, see below. Funding mechanisms differ widely between counties and … Read More