Howard Freeland wins the Prix d’Excellence

The Prix d’Excellence is Fisheries and Oceans Canada’s most prestigious award, honoring individuals and teams who have made exemplary contributions to the Department. Congratulations, Howard, on receiving this award.

Susan Wijffels discusses Argo with the Australian Prime Minister, the Hon Julia Gillard

The Australian Prime Minister, the Hon Julia Gillard, has been introduced to Argo during a January 16 briefing from Argo co-Chair, CSIRO’s Susan Wijffels, during a tour of CSIRO facilities by the Australian leader. Ms Gillard ventured to the Hobart waterfront home of CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research where she toured the CSIRO research vessel, Southern Surveyor, was briefed by … Read More

The Lady Amber completes its first long cruise to deploy floats

The Lady Amber’s first real cruise, chartered for Australian Argo via JCOMMOPS, was originally planned to deploy about 20 floats from Cape Town to Mauritius, then from Mauritius to Seychelles, then back to South of Mauritius to transect to Perth around 35°S. The transect to Seychelles was restricted for security reasons; the high risk piracy area starts at 10°N. Several float positions … Read More

Susan Wijffels wins the 2009 Priestley Medal of AMOS and M R Banks Medal

The Australian Meteorological & Oceanographic Society ( has informed Susan Wijffels that she has won the 2009 Priestley Medal of AMOS. This award is given to younger scientists for personal excellence in meteorological, oceanographic or climate research done mostly in Australia. The award is based largely on the quality of research publications and the initiation of significant new areas of … Read More