Pacific Marine Data and Observations Training Workshop

Copy of an article from the PI-GOOS website Over the last decade the number of coastal and open ocean programs collecting marine environmental data in the Pacific has grown substantially. Uptake and use of the data being generated by these programs is relatively low amongst Pacific Island countries. A training workshop was therefore held in Nadi, Fiji, from 22-25 Sept … Read More

Argo 3000

Argo reaches its goal of 3000 active floats! During the month of October 2007, over 100 floats were deployed by various Argo scientists around the world to reach 3000 active Argo floats. Since we cannot tell exactly which float was the 3000th, float deployers were invited to submit photos of “Argo_3000” float candidates. Below are the winning Argo_3000 photos (starting … Read More

AMS awards the Sverdrup Gold Medal Award to Dean Roemmich

It was announced today (8 November 2007) by the American Meteorological Society ( that the Sverdrup Gold Medal is awarded this year to Prof. Dean H. Roemmich. The citation reads “For major contributions to the measurement and understanding of the ocean’s role in climate, and for leading the development and implementation of the Argo profiling float array.” While we know … Read More