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BGC Argo Data Management Team Meetings
December 2021 Report for BGC-ADMT-10
Virtual meeting
Action Items
December 2020 Report for BGC-ADMT-9
Virtual meeting
October 2019 Report for BGC-ADMT-8
Villefranche-sur-mer, France (.pdf, 10 pages)
Action Items
December 2018 Report for BGC-ADMT-7
La Jolla, CA, USA (.pdf, 12 pages)
December 2017 Report for BGC-ADMT-6
Hamburg, Germany (.pdf, 9 pages)
September 2016 Report for BGC-ADMT-5
Tianjin, China (.pdf, 7 pages)
Action Items
November 2015 Report for BGC-ADMT-4
Bermuda (.pdf, 8 pages)
November 2014 Report for BGC-ADMT-3
Ottawa, Canada (.pdf 112kb, 3 pages)
Action Items
October 2013 Report for BGC-ADMT-2
Liverpool, UK (.pdf 38kb, 5 pages)
November 2012 Report for BGC-ADMT-1
Hyderabad, India (.pdf 108kb, 8 pages)
Action Items