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Deep Argo Implementation Workshops
September 2021 Report for Third Deep Argo Implementation Workshop
Virtual workshop
May 2019 Report for Second Deep Argo Implementation Workshop
Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
May 2015 Report for First Deep Argo Implementation Workshop
Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
Trajectory Implementation Workshops
December 2017 Report for Third Argo Trajectory Workshop
Hamburg, Germany (.pdf, 7 pages)
Action Items
October 2006 Report for 2nd Argo Trajectory Workshop
Seoul, Korea (.pdf 302kb, 18 pages)
Annex with variables
Argo Regional Centre Implementation Workshops
September 2009 Report for Third Argo Regional Centre Workshop
Toulouse, France (.pdf 104kb, 11 pages)
October 2008 Report for Second Argo Regional Centre Workshop
Honolulu, HI, United States (.pdf 96kb, 10 pages)
November 2007 Report for First Argo Regional Centre Workshop
Hobart, Tasmania (.pdf 115kb, 14 pages)
Ocean Basin Implementation Workshops
July 2001 Report for Indian Ocean Implementation Workshop
Hyderabad, India (.pdf 457kb, 6 pages)
July 2000 Report for Atlantic Ocean Implementation Workshop
Paris, France (.pdf 11kb, 2 pages)