This is a list of doctorate theses that used Argo data. It likely underestimates the total number of theses published using Argo data, so if you know of a doctorate thesis that is missing, please send the citation.

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Updated May 10, 2024.

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2024 (3)

Hajj Ali, W. (2024), Stochastic Dynamically Orthogonal Modeling and Bayesian Learning for Underwater Acoustic Propagation, MIT

Liniger, G. (2024), Drivers of primary productivity in Antarctic coastal polynyas, University of Tasmania

Rodriguez Vives, C. (2024), Regional variability of the Southern Ocean spring bloom, University of Tasmania

2023 (24)

Barboni, A. (2023), Surface and sub-surface dynamics of long-lived mesoscale eddies in the Mediterranean Sea under atmospheric forcing, Institut Polytechnique de Paris

Combot, C. m. (2023), Mixing and sea surface anomalies in the inertial wake of tropical cyclones : processes and contribution of microwave satellite data

Dasarathy, S. (2023), Improving Our Understanding of High-Latitude Tropospheric Marine Aerosols Using NASA Earth-Observing Satellites and the Biogeochemical Southern Ocean State Estimate (B-SOSE), UC San Diego.

Dove, L. A. (2023), Impacts of Zonal Asymmetry on Southern Ocean Dynamics and Biogeochemistry, California Institute of Technology

Genco, B. M. (2023), Tropical Cyclone Impacts in the Eastern Tropical North Pacific Oxygen Minimum Zone: Novel Findings From Subsurface Measurements, UC Merced.

Habib, J. (2023), Étude de la variabilité des écosystèmes planctoniques et des cycles biogéochimiques dans le bassin Levantin : modélisation 3D couplée hydrodynamique-biogéochimique

Hansen, D. (2023), Mechanistic and Data-Adaptive Bayesian Methods for Scientific Inference

Huang, L. (2023), Heat Redistribution and Sea Level Rise in the South Indian Ocean During the Argo Era, University of Delaware.

Huda, M. N. (2023), Machine Learning for Improvement of Ocean Data Resolution for Weather Forecasting and Climatological Research, Virginia Tech

Lane, N. I. (2023), Turbulent Strait – Materializing Seawater Practices in the Strait of Gibraltar, UC Davis.

Larson, A. E. (2023), Flux to Flow: A Clearer View of Earth’s Water Cycle via Neural Networks and Satellite Data, University of Rhode Island.

Lele, R. (2023), Into the Abyss: Assessing Meridional Heat Transport, Turbulent Mixing and the Effects of Warming in the Deep Ocean, UC San Diego.

Liu, C. (2023), Patterns & Mechanisms of Ocean Salinity Changes and Their Connection to the Climate System, University of Delaware.

McCoy, D. (2023), Biogeochemical and Physical Controls Governing Nitrogen Loss Within Oxygen Minimum Zones, UC Los Angeles.

Nickford, S. (2023), Observations at the Air-Sea Interface: Quantifying Carbon and Heat Exchange in the Gulf Stream Region Using Uncrewed Surface Vehicles, University of Rhode Island.

Olivé Abelló, A. (2023), Transformations and pathways of Southern Ocean waters into the South Atlantic Ocean, Universitat de Barcelona

Perez Valentin, J. M. (2023), Processes Guiding Monsoon Intraseasonal Oscillations Into the Bay of Bengal, University of Notre Dame.

Petit, F. (2023), Developement and exploitation of new approaches for observation of phytoplankton community composition from BGC-Argo floats in open ocean

Ricour, F. (2023), Towards a new insight of the carbon transport in the global ocean, University of Liège

Stefanelli, M. (2023), Data assimilation for advanced cross-scale unstructured-grid ocean modeling, Università di Bologna

Stokes, I. (2023), A Study of Near-Inertial Internal Wave Generation and the Story of Pelican Flight, Ph.D. thesis, 140 pp, University of California, San Diego, United States — California

Thouvenin-Masson, C. (2023), Variabilité de la salinité satellitaire et décharges de fleuves

Xue, M. (2023), Influence of El Niño Southern Oscillation on Tropical Eastern Pacific Mean State and Annual Cycle, University of Hawaii at Manoa.

Yu, Y. (2023), Small-scale Oceanic Variability From Satellite Altimetry, UC San Diego.

2022 (27)

Aguedjou, H. M. A. (2022), Characteristics of mesoscale eddies in the tropical Atlantic Ocean and their interactions with the atmosphere, L’Universite de Toulouse

Baugh, S. (2022), Hierarchical Bayesian Spatial Modeling for Quantifying Climate Uncertainty, Ph.D. thesis, 183 pp, University of California, Los Angeles, Ann Arbor

Chamberlain, P. M. (2022), Semi-Lagrangian Float Motion and Observing System Design, Ph.D. thesis, 240 pp, University of California, San Diego, United States — California

Chen, Y. (2022), Ocean Ventilation at mesoscale, Universite Paris-Saclet

Coggins, A. (2022), Assessing critical uncertainties in the knowledge of the contemporary ocean sink for atmospheric CO2, University of Exeter

Costa Santana, R. (2022), Intra-annual variability in the East Auckland Current and its impact on cross-shelf exchange, University of Otago

Echols, R. E. (2022), The Impact of Freshwater and Phytoplankton on Mixed Layer Heating, Ph.D. thesis, 253 pp, University of Washington, United States — Washington

Gutierrez Villanueva, M. O. (2022), Dynamics of the Southern Ocean from Observations in Drake Passage, Ph.D. thesis, 192 pp, University of California, San Diego, United States — California

Hall, S. B. (2022), Arctic Ocean and Subarctic Seas Dynamics in a Changing Climate, Ph.D. thesis, 168 pp, University of South Carolina, United States — South Carolina

Kawakami, Y. (2022), Upper Ocean V ariability in the North Pacific Subtropical Gyre: Viewpoint

of Kuroshio and Water Masses, Tohoku University.

Lenssen, N. J. L. (2022), Uncertainty and Predictability of Seasonal-to-Centennial Climate Variability, Columbia University

Liu, Y. (2022), Dynamique de bord ouest et circulation meridienne verticale dans la gyre subpolaire de l’Atlantique Nord, Université de Bretagne Occidentale.

Margolskee, A. J. (2022), Evaluating Physical and Biogeochemical Controls on Ocean Oxygen, Nitrate, and Carbon in Coupled Biogeochemical Ocean Circulation Models, Ph.D. thesis, 149 pp, University of Washington, Ann Arbor

McGirr, R. (2022), Estimating Earth’s Temporal Gravity Field From Grace Observations: Mitigation of Thermal Errors and the Interplay Between Orbital Characteristics, Basis Functions and Spatial Resolution, Ph.D. thesis, 271 pp, The Australian National University (Australia), Australia

Pacini, A. (2022), Structure, variability, and dynamics of the West Greenland Boundary Current System, MIT

Peña-García, D. (2022), Nutrient gradients in the Red Sea: the coastal area off Jeddah and the central Red Sea, Kiel University

Petereit, J. (2022), The Variation of Climate Sensitive Tidal Ocean-Dynamo Signals on Sub-Decadal and Seasonal Time Scales, Freie Universitaet Berlin

Prend, C. J. (2022), Physical Controls on Southern Ocean Biogeochemistry, Ph.D. thesis, 153 pp, University of California, San Diego, United States — California

Ren, A. S. (2022), Mesoscale to Large-Scale Variability in the California Current System from High-Resolution Observations, Ph.D. thesis, 139 pp, University of California, San Diego, United States — California

Terrats, L. (2022), Le flux de carbone particulaire et le lien avec la communauté phytoplanctonique : une approche par flotteurs-profileurs biogéochimiques

Turner, K. E. (2022), Impacts of thermal and carbon processes on climate reconstructions and projections, University of Liverpool

Wang, T. (2022), Water mass spiciness and thickness anomalies, and their propagation in the upper North Pacific, Tohoku University.

Wang, Y. (2022), On the Dynamics of the Ross Gyre: Relative Importance of Wind, Buoyancy, Eddies, and Antarctic Circumpolar Current, Florida State University

Xue, T. (2022), Effects of Mixed Layer Depth on Productive Marine Ecosystems: From seasonality to climate change

Yarger, D. (2022), Statistical Approaches for Spatially-Dependent Functional Data and their Application in Oceanography, Ph.D. thesis, 212 pp, University of Michigan, United States — Michigan

Yu, X. (2022), Amazon Plume Barrier Layer Structure Analysis and Its Impact on Hurricane Intensification, Texas A&M

Zhang, Y. (2022), Ocean Eddies and Frontal Zones in the Gulf of Mexico and Straits of Florida, Ph.D. thesis, 235 pp, University of South Florida, United States — Florida

2021 (34)

Baetge, N. Q. (2021), The Bioavailability of Seasonally Accumulated Dissolved Organic Carbon and Its Contribution to Export in the Western North Atlantic, Ph.D. thesis, 178 pp, University of California, Santa Barbara, Ann Arbor

Bagnell, A. C. (2021), Assessing Historical Ocean Heat Content and Recent Global Mean Sea Level Rise Using Artificial Neural Networks, Ph.D. thesis, 135 pp, University of California, Santa Barbara, Ann Arbor

Barbot, S. (2021), Realistic modeling of the internal tide: its surface signature, variability and energy balance, L’Universite de Toulouse

Bastin, S. (2021), Internally generated circulation and variability in the tropical Atlantic Ocean

Blincow, K. M. (2021), Addressing Applied Fisheries Ecology Questions Across Species, Fishery, and Global Scales, Ph.D. thesis, 153 pp, University of California, San Diego, United States — California

Bock, N. (2021), Drivers of Variability in the Structure and Function of Marine Microbial Communities: From Cell Physiology to the Global Environment, Ph.D. thesis, 221 pp, Columbia University, Ann Arbor

Bodner, A. S. (2021), The Dynamic Interplay between Submesoscales and Boundary Layer Turbulence, Ph.D. thesis, 142 pp, Brown University, Ann Arbor

Brazhnikov, D. (2021), Investigation of Variability of Internal Tides in the Tasman Sea, Ph.D. thesis, 130 pp, University of Alaska Fairbanks, Ann Arbor

Conejero Garcia, C. (2021), Impact of climate change on ocean circulation in eastern edge upwelling systems in the Southern Hemisphere, Universite Toulouse III

Drouin, K. L. (2021), Investigating the Upper-Ocean Pathways, Dynamics, and Geometry of the South Atlantic, Duke University

Fourrier, M. (2021), Impact des forçages physiques sur la dynamique des éléments biogéochimiques en mer Méditerranée : approche couplée observations in situ et réseaux de neurones : Impact of physical forcings on the dynamics of biogeochemical elements in the Mediterranean Sea : combined use of in situ observations and neural networks, Sorbonne université

Freilich, M. (2021), Vertical Fluxes in the Upper Ocean, MIT

Giunta, V. (2021), Mixing and mixed layer depths in the ocean, National University of Ireland – Galway\:10379\%2F16860&q=%28argo%29.

Giunta, V. (2021), Mixing and mixed layer depths in the ocean, NUI Galway

Gonçalves Neto, A. (2021), North Atlantic on the Edge: Ocean Circulation Through Gateways at the Subpolar-Subtropical Boundary, Ph.D. thesis, 127 pp, University of Rhode Island, Ann Arbor

Gruenburg, L. K. (2021), Indonesian Throughflow Heat Transport, and Spreading Within the Eastern Tropical Indian Ocean, Ph.D. thesis, 128 pp, Columbia University, Ann Arbor

Hague, M. (2021), Ice – ocean – atmosphere interactions in the Southern Ocean and implications for phytoplankton phenology

He, Z. (2021), Multi-Decadal Contemporary Sea Level Changes from Land-Ice Derived Using Satellite Observations and Climate Model Outputs, UC Irvine.

Houndegnonto, O. J. (2021), Analyse des variations thermohalines des échelles intra-saisonnière à saisonnière des panaches d’eau douce du Golfe de Guinée, Université de Bretagne Occidentale.

Ienna, F. M. S. (2021), Mediterranean Water Eddies and Their Expressions at the sea Surface, Ph.D. thesis, 147 pp, Universidade de Lisboa (Portugal), Ann Arbor

Iskandar, M. R. (2021), Pathways, timescales and transpot of the Indonesian Throughflow, and

water mass transformatioformation in the Indndonesian Seas, Tohoku University.

Izett, R. W. (2021), Improved estimates of net community production in the Subarctic Pacific and Canadian Arctic Ocean using ship-based autonomous measurements and computational approaches, Text thesis, University of British Columbia

Lavin, P. D. (2021), Innovative Observational Global and Regional Ocean Water Mass, Circulation, and Mixing Analyses, Ph.D. thesis, 236 pp, University of Washington, Ann Arbor

Lilly, L. E. (2021), Responses of the Southern California Current System Zooplankton Community to El Niño Variability, Ph.D. thesis, 359 pp, University of California, San Diego, Ann Arbor

Liu, Y. (2021), Arctic Weather and Climate: From Mechanisms to Forecasts.

Lovindeer, R. A. E. (2021), Ecological Significance of Cyanobacteria Pigment Color Acclimation in the Ocean, Ph.D. thesis, 143 pp, University of California, Irvine, Ann Arbor

Rigby, S. J. (2021), The Distribution and Vertical Transport of Resources in the Upper Ocean, Ph.D. thesis, 219 pp, The University of Liverpool (United Kingdom), Ann Arbor

Shahzadi, K. a., and and (2021), A new Global Ocean Climatology, Università di Bologna\\:9854&q=%28argo%29.

Shi, J.-R. (2021), Responses of the Southern Ocean in a Changing Climate, Ph.D. thesis, 224 pp, University of California, San Diego, Ann Arbor

Smith, C. M. (2021), New Perspectives on Primary Production in the Pacific Sector of the Southern Ocean, Ph.D. thesis, 120 pp, Stanford University, Ann Arbor

Swierczek, S. (2021), Modeling Heat and Carbon in the Argentine Basin, Ph.D. thesis, 121 pp, The University of Arizona, Ann Arbor

Tchonang, B. C. (2021), Contribution of the Surface Water Ocean Topography (SWOT) satellite for ocean analysis and forecasting, Universite Toulouse III

Wang, L. (2021), Modulations of Climate Variability on Global and Southern Ocean Changes, Ph.D. thesis, 146 pp, University of Delaware, Ann Arbor

Watelet, S. (2021), Reconstruction of the Gulf Stream variability since 1940 using a variational inverse method and study of its interaction with the North Atlantic Oscillation, University of Liege

2020 (27)

Barpanda, P. (2020), Dynamics of Extratropical Storm Tracks on Different Timescales, Ph.D. thesis, 142 pp, The University of Chicago, Ann Arbor

Beadling, R. L. (2020), Representation of Large-scale Ocean Circulation in the Atlantic and Southern Ocean in Climate Model Simulations and Projected Changes Under Increased Warming, Ph.D. thesis, 204 pp, The University of Arizona, Ann Arbor

Blazquez, A. (2020), Satellite characterization of ocean-continental water exchanges at interannual to decadal scales, l’Universit´e Toulouse 3 Paul Sabatier (UT3 Paul Sabatier)

Catany, R. J. (2020), Understanding Tropical Cyclone induced changes in upper ocean temperature and salinity, University of Southampton

Cornec, M. (2020), Dynamic of Deep phytoplankton Maxima : a global approach using BioGeoChemical-Argo floats

La dynamique des Maxima profonds de phytoplancton : une approche globale avec les flotteurs BGC-Argo, Sorbonne Université

Cyriac, A. (2020), Internal waves, turbulent mixing and upper ocean heat balances in the southeast Indian Ocean, University of Tasmania\\:35883&q=%28argo%29.

Freund, M. (2020), Dispersion of a Tracer in the Eastern Tropical South Pacific – an Investigation of Interactions from the Benthic Boundary Layer to the Ocean Interior, Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel

Haentjens, N. (2020), Optical Signatures of Plankton in the Open Ocean: From Individual Cells to Global Patterns, Ph.D. thesis, 144 pp, The University of Maine, Ann Arbor

Hope, A. P. (2020), Quantification of the Past and Future Anthropogenic Effect on Climate Change Using the Empirical Model of Global Climate, an Energy Balance Multiple Linear Regression Model, Ph.D. thesis, 326 pp, University of Maryland, College Park, Ann Arbor

Johnson, B. K. (2020), Evaluating Oceanographic Hypotheses: Three Methods for Testing Ideas, Ph.D. thesis, 175 pp, University of Maryland, College Park, Ann Arbor

Kido, S. (2020), Mechanisms and impacts of salinity anomalies associated with the positive Indian Ocean Dipole, The University of Tokyo.

Koelling, J. (2020), Variability in Formation, Properties, and Transport of North Atlantic Deep Water, Ph.D. thesis, 155 pp, University of California, San Diego, Ann Arbor

Le Guennec, V. N. R. (2020), Exploring Multi-Annual Changes in the Biophysical Environment of the Black Sea, Ph.D. thesis, 284 pp, The University of Liverpool (United Kingdom), Ann Arbor

Li, K. (2020), Ekman transport : a trigger of interannual extreme formation rates of eighteen degree water

Le transport d’Ekman comme déclencheur des extrêmes de formation de l’Eau Modale à 18 degrés aux échelles de temps interannuelles, Université de Bretagne occidentale – Brest

López, A. G. (2020), Modeling the Circulation and Timescales of the Mid-Atlantic Bight and Gulf of Maine, Ph.D. thesis, 149 pp, Rutgers The State University of New Jersey, School of Graduate Studies, Ann Arbor

Morris, T. (2020), Downstream evolution of ocean properties and associated fluxes in the Greater Agulhas Current System: Ad hoc Argo experiments and modeling

Roman-Stork, H. L. (2020), Ocean-Atmosphere Interactions During Intraseasonal Oscillations in the Northern Indian Ocean, Ph.D. thesis, 272 pp, University of South Carolina, Ann Arbor

Scannell, H. A. (2020), Seas in Hot Water: Marine Heatwaves on the Move; Following the Heat, Ph.D. thesis, 140 pp, University of Washington, Ann Arbor

Smilenova, A. (2020), Perspectives on driving mechanisms affecting intermediate water masses presence in the Rockall Trough, National University of Ireland – Galway\:10379\%2F16714&q=%28argo%29.

Solodoch, A. (2020), Topographic Effects on Mesoscale Ocean Circulation, Ph.D. thesis, 237 pp, University of California, Los Angeles, Ann Arbor

Sun, X. (2020), New Processes and Microbes in the Marine Nitrogen Cycle, Ph.D. thesis, 244 pp, Princeton University, Ann Arbor

Supply, A. (2020), Étude des dessalures à la surface d’un océan stratifié à partir d’observations satellitaires et de mesures in-situ, Sorbonnes Université.

Tesdal, J.-E. (2020), Circulation Changes Associated with Freshwater and Heat Content Variability and Implications for Biological Productivity in the Subpolar North Atlantic Ocean, Ph.D. thesis, 349 pp, Columbia University, Ann Arbor

Travis, S. (2020), Mesoscale Eddy Activity in the South Pacific Subtropical Counter-Current: Decadal Variability and Bio-Physical Connections, Ph.D. thesis, 148 pp, University of Hawai’i at Manoa, Ann Arbor

Trinh, B. N. (2020), Water, heat and salt cycles in the South China Sea, from seasonal variation to interannual variability: high-resolution, closed-balance ocean modelling, Universite Toulouse III

Tuchen, F. P. (2020), The Atlantic Subtropical Cells: mean state and variability from an observational perspective

Wu, Y. (2020), Investigation of surface ocean carbon distribution using large global dataset, University of Southampton

2019 (40)

Amaya, D. J. (2019), Tropical-Extratropical Climate Interactions on Seasonal-to-Decadal Timescales, University of California, San Diego

Anutaliya, A. (2019), Variability of Boundary Currents in Low Latitude Regions: The Northern Indian Ocean and Southern Pacific Ocean, Ph.D. thesis, 153 pp, University of California, San Diego, Ann Arbor

Barbieux, M. (2019), Étude des relations bio-optiques dans l’océan global et du fonctionnement biogéochimique des maxima de subsurface de chlorophylle en Méditerranée à partir des mesures des flotteurs profileurs BGC-Argo

Bernardi Bif, M. (2019), Understanding Resistant Organic Carbon in the Ocean: From Microbes to Large-Scale Processes, University of Miami

Chi, L. (2019), Interannual variability of the gulf stream, State University of New York at Stony Brook

Cimoli, L. (2019), A turbulent story: role of diapycnal mixing in the ocean overturning circulation and tracer distribution, University of Oxford

El Hourany, R. (2019), Télédétection du phytoplancton par méthode neuronale : du global au régional, de la composition pigmentaire aux biorégions

Ferster, B. S. (2019), The role of the southern ocean on global ocean circulation and climate, University of South Carolina

Garcia Quintana, Y. (2019), On the driving sources and variability of North Atlantic deep water, University of Alberta.

Handmann, P. V. K. (2019), Deep Water Formation and Spreading Dynamics in the subpolar North Atlantic from Observations and high-resolution Ocean Models

Hausfather, E. J. (2019), Improving the Observational Temperature Record, Ph.D. thesis, 230 pp, University of California, Berkeley, Ann Arbor

Hazel, J. E. (2019), Exploring the wind-driven near-antarctic circulation, University of California, Los Angeles

Jakoboski, J. K. (2019), Equatorial ocean dynamics impacting upwelling west of the Galápagos Archipelago, MIT and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution\:1912\%2F24553&q=%28argo%29.

Kumar, V. (2019), Statistical sea level scale for the islands of the Southwest Pacific: a multiple linear regression approach, L’Universite Toulouse 3

Kuntz, L. (2019), Multi-Decadal Climate Variability: A Pacific Mechanism With Global Implications, Harvard

Laxenaire, R. m. (2019), Étude du devenir des tourbillons des Aiguilles et de leur transport dans l’océan Atlantique Sud à partir d’observations satellitaires et in situ : Assessments on the fate of the Agulhas Rings and their transport in the South Atlantic estimated by combining satellite altimetry and in situ observations, Paris Saclay\:2019SACLX005&q=argo.

Levang, S. J. (2019), The response of ocean salinity patterns to climate change : implications for circulation, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Lobell, D. (2019), Past, present and future variations of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation, University of Southampton

Lu, X. (2019), South Pacific Tropical Water: Variability and Downstream Impacts, University of Miami

Lundrigan, S. (2019), Mean and Eddy Induced Transport in the Ocean Region Adjacent to the Greenland-Scotland Ridge, Memorial University of Newfoundland.

Reeve, K. (2019), The circulation and distribution of heat within Warm Deep Water in the Weddell Gyre: an Argo float perspective, Ph.D. thesis, Universitaet Bremen (Germany), Germany

Rieck, J. K. (2019), The Nature and Variability of Eddy Kinetic Energy in an Ocean General Circulation ModelWith a Focus on the South Pacific Subtropical Gyre and the Labrador Sea, Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel

Rodriguez, A. R. (2019), Buoyancy transport mechanisms at continental shelf, surf zone, and estuarine scales, University of California, San Diego

Roiha, P. (2019), Advancements of operational oceanography in the Baltic Sea, Finnish Meteorological Institute

Sakamoto, T. (2019), Studies on sardine (Sardinops spp.) stocks using oxygen stable isotope

ratios in otoliths University of Tokyo.

Sauvage, C. (2019), Coupled ocean-atmosphere forecasting of Mediterranean episodes: impact of better consideration of river flows and sea status, Universite Toulouse III

Spiro Jaeger, G. V. (2019), Stratified and stirred: monsoon freshwater in the Bay of Bengal, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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Vasconcelos Nogueira Neto, A. (2019), Mécanismes contrôlant les anomalies de température de surface de la mer et de précipitation au cours de deux années contrastées 2010 et 2012 dans l’Atlantique tropical, Universite Toulouse III

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2018 (42)

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