Polar Argo contacts and links

Contacts Name Region Connection Nicolas Kolodziejcyk Arctic SOARC Birgit Klein Southern Ocean SOARC Steve Riser Southern Ocean SOCCOM Lynne Talley Southern Ocean SOCCOM Olaf Boebel Southern Ocean RAFOS floats, Wedell Sea Jean-Baptiste Sallee Southern Ocean WAPITI Esmee van Wijk Southern Ocean Steve Rintoul Southern Ocean Steve Jayne Arctic ALAMO floats Marcel Babin Arctic PRO-ICE Claudie Marec Arctic PRO-ICE Christine Provost … Read More

Polar Argo Pilot Arrays

Southern Ocean The Southern Ocean Carbon and Climate Observations and Modeling (SOCCOM) program The Southern Ocean Carbon and Climate Observations and Modeling (SOCCOM) program started in September 2014 as a six-year initiative funded by the NSF’s Division of Polar Programs, with additional support from NOAA and NASA. SOCCOM’s mission is to drive a transformative shift in understanding of the role … Read More

Polar Argo Technical Challenges

The expansion of the Argo array towards the poles involves three main challenges due to the presence of sea ice. Sea ice is a hazard to the floats integrity and it prevents the transmission of the data in real time via satellite, as well as the acquisition of GPS position for the under-ice profiles. In this section, we describe how … Read More

Polar Argo

What Is Polar Argo? Polar Argo refers to the subset of Argo floats operating in ice-covered areas south of 60°S and north of 60°N. Although these regions were not included in the original Argo design, floats have been deployed there since the early stages of the program, with the first floats deployed as early as 1999 and 2001, poleward of … Read More