Name Region Connection
Nicolas Kolodziejcyk Arctic SOARC
Birgit Klein Southern Ocean SOARC
Steve Riser Southern Ocean SOCCOM
Lynne Talley Southern Ocean SOCCOM
Olaf Boebel Southern Ocean RAFOS floats, Wedell Sea
Jean-Baptiste Sallee Southern Ocean WAPITI
Esmee van Wijk Southern Ocean
Steve Rintoul Southern Ocean
Steve Jayne Arctic ALAMO floats
Marcel Babin Arctic PRO-ICE
Claudie Marec Arctic PRO-ICE
Christine Provost Polar ITP, IOOS

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IAOOS: Ice – Atmosphere – Arctic Ocean Observing system:

NAOS: Novel Argo Ocean Observing System:

MEOP: Marine Mammals Exploring the Oceans Pole to Pole:

SOARC:  Southern Ocean Argo Regional Centre:

SOCCOM: The Southern Ocean Carbon and Climate Observations and Modeling program:

SODA: Stratified Ocean Dynamics in the Arctic:

WAPITI – special ice pilot study using Argo ice floats (and seals, ship-based data and models) to investigate the large-scale dynamics of the Weddell Sea: